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Speech Pathology

nurse and elderly couple

Effective communication can be hindered by medical conditions. This can be true for any individual, young or old. For the elderly, speech impediments or communication disorders can arise from conditions that involve dementia, stroke, and injuries among others.

Speech therapy will address these issues with communication. With every session, the patients get closer to restoring their speech patterns as well as restoring their ability to convey their messages in an effective manner. This will lessen the struggle and frustrations that both the patients and their families feel, because there is an improved communication between them.

Our speech therapists at All County Home Care & Hospices will strive to properly identify the root cause of your loved one’s communication/speech problems, so we can determine the proper course of treatment for it. Such causes may be attributed to issues with speech, language, and even cognition. However, there are also cases where the causes may be due to medications taken by your loved one or another underlying medical problem. With so many factors to consider, our speech therapists will work alongside the primary care provider or physician to ensure that the client is receiving the proper treatments. Speech Therapy may cover services such as:

  • Treatment for Involuntary Stuttering
  • Treatment for After-Stroke Disorders (Slurred Speech)
  • Reducing Phonological Delays
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Treatment for Cognition Disorders
  • Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorders

You are always free to give us a call at 830-331-1291 if you need additional information about our speech pathology services or any of our home care and hospice care services.